About Us

Darren Hesselink

Whether you're selling an e-comm product or a consulting service I’m almost 100% sure that you’re 1 or 2 marketing systems away from increasing your revenue by a minimum of $100,000 a year…  

…and for many of you, hitting multiple six or seven figure growth.  

But maybe—like most business owners—you’re being pulled in a hundred different directions and your overwhelmed on which strategies will work for your business:  

🚩 Is it content marketing… 🚩 Your website… 🚩 Facebook Ads… 🚩 Funnels… 🚩 Referrals… 🚩 Lead services… 🚩 Sales… 🚩 Local promotions?  

The answer?  

None of the above.  

Here’s what I mean. All those ideas are just tactics. LinkedIn this… Facebook that…why you need to create content… and IT’S A TRAP.  

If you fell and broke your leg you wouldn’t just “put a band-aid on it”.  

No, you’d go to a Doctor who followed a systematic process based on years of research, health principles, and scientific proof that it worked.  

And if he used the right strategy, at the right time, and in the right sequence—everything would work out.  

That’s the secret of great marketers, which is what you are if you own a business… a marketer (whether you like it or not).  

They don’t waste time “trying things”. They use foundational marketing strategies and principles to systematically create momentum for their business.  

They know the guide-posts, rules, questions, and research strategies… that lead to PROFIT.  

At Energetic we have that system.  

We've helped build multiple 6 & 7 figure pipelines from selling e-commerce products to helping consultants or financial advisors.  

If you want to ATTRACT & retain high paying, premium clients, drive profit, and fix your marketing once and for all…  

…we can help.  

Just send me a message to learn more about our coaching and agency services.  

Excited to meet you ~ Darren